Thursday, December 23, 2010

Under instruction from The Boss.

Howdy everyone, it is GTF here. I bet you were not expecting to be receiving anything from me, well I can tell you that I was certainly not expecting to be sending a message either.

It was all so sudden. There I was minding my own business as only I know how when *poof* I found myself standing in front of the Big Boss, THE BIG BOSS. So many things went through my mind it was a bit like Heathrow Airport on a non snowing fog bound day. I started to think of all the things that I had not done quite to the Creators specifications since arriving here and I was getting up to the mid one hundreds when a calmness swept over me and I found myself back in the arms of the Creator being hugged and cuddled. Suddenly I knew that I was all right - what a relief that was.

The Creator spoke and said, in that deep rich sounding voice, as only he can, 'Well young GTF, how have you found Heaven in the short time that you have been here'. Oh! I was not expecting that, what could I say, after all here I was in paradise with all the other animals along with a huge bunch of humans. I quickly said 'I am still so overwhelmed at all the variety of beauty that is here that I often become distracted by yet something else that is so amazing and fantastic' *I was quickly trying to cover my stuff ups as being due to still being struck by the awe and splendour of the place*

The Creator roared with laughter, 'GTF, you continue to amaze me' he said. 'After all, I know everything before it happens. You cannot pull any wool over my eyes'.

I nodded sheepishly in agreement. 'Well you can't blame me for trying' I tried to say as the Creator placed his hand over my mouth. 'Hush little one' he said.

LITTLE ONE, why I would have you know that I was the... that was as far as my thoughts went before the Creator continued, 'I have a special task for you, I want you to describe to all your friends back home, you know, from where you came from, what Christmas means to me'.

Now I knew that I was in trouble. How could I a mere humble cat put into words how the Creator felt about everything that was involved with the birth of his son on Earth all those years ago.

I felt an inner glow as the Creator gave me an extra squeeze. 'Don't worry, young GTF, I just want an independent account of the goings on, and as I looked around and gave it some thought, you were the most independent one whose name sprang into my mind. Fully supported by a raft of comments from the supervising angels I might add who have requested that either the shifts are shortened or that more 'assistants' are provided to watch over you.'

I didn't know how to respond. 'Don't say a word, young GTF. I just need you to realise that you are so, so loved by me that even if I had to deploy an extra legion of angels to watch over you I would do so willingly. Cost and time management not being an issue I can assure you'.

Wow, yet once again the Creator was wanting me to do something. I must be good, no good is not good enough. I must be great I thought, for the Creator to want me so much.

The Creator sighed deeply, 'Now before you get carried away with your own puffed up view of how important you think that you are young GTF. I need you to understand that in my eyes everyone is important but it just so happens that at the moment you are taking up more of my time than even I first thought would happen. But so be it, as I already know how you will pull through and end up taking your special place in Heavens affairs, but that is for another time.'

I pulled myself together, well internally at least, as externally I did not want to let on to all the multitude that were gathered around us to think that anything was amiss or out of the ordinary. *I did mention that the Creator was seated on his throne, while all this was happening. No, oh well there is another oversight on my part. Seems that I am full of them*.

'So what is it to be, young GTF, will you take up my offer, or will you just postulate as to how in your own eyes you are so important in the grand scheme of things.' Eech, now I'm back to being under pressure, again!

'I'll do it' I blurted out. *now where that came from I am still to find out as I certainly cannot recall even formulating that response in my mind*

Too late, I thought. I have committed myself. But how to do it. What to say. It is all so overwhelming. *I began to tremble and to sweat beads of moisture*.

'Ah h, little one, everyone goes through moments of self doubt and even anxiety before they rise and conqueror the particular adversity that they saw before them. You are no different. You are special and you are unique, and while appreciating that you still need to take assurance in the fact that you are no different.'

Well, what could I say. With a deep breath and accompanying puffed up chest I replied, ' Your Heavenly greatness, of course I would be honoured to accept such an undertaking'. *Now if that wasn't something said totally outside of my comfort zone, then I don't know what would be*

'Great', the Creator responded. 'I knew that I could count on you to pull through for me.' *There was that pressure again, I thought. Is there no end to it*.

And so it was, that I the great GTF having been commissioned by none other than the Creator himself , was now wandering around Heaven, observing all that was taking place.

The first thing that I noticed was that there was no panic going on. It was as though all of this had been planned from the beginning of time. To my left just up what appeared to be a golden road with trees on either side of a stream, was the sound of myriads and myriads of angels, all in tune, praising and glorifying the Creator. I must admit it did put the efforts of our Cat Power glee club to shame, and I could now understand the reason for so many people back home providing extra footwear for us, (not that we needed it, mind you), as they threw their shoes at us in a vain attempt to have us cease our singing. Well, now I was on the side of the throwers. We were hideous, compared to the joyous harmony that I was now privileged to be witnessing.

Then there were the stars that were being prepared to light up the sky and to point to one special star whose task it would be to guide some humans to the birth place of where the Creator's son was to be born. In a manger, in a town called Bethlehem in the country of Judea.

Then to my right, a big discussion was taking place amongst another group of angels. Perhaps they had voices like our glee club I thought as they were not in the choir, but I digress *no comment required thank you* but rather they were sorting through an album of animal photos making appropriate noises and comments as each page was being turned.

'What is going on' I enquired as I tapped the wings of the closest angel. Now here I must tell you that 'wing tapping' is not looked on with favour by the angels as they are a tad proud of their beautiful spread of golden adornment. But it is fun, nevertheless.

'Well you see' the angel replied, 'We have been charged with supplying all the creatures that are to be present at the birth of the Christ child, and we are concerned as to the quality of the animals we have to work with'. I could see the angels point, and it struck me that in some measure it was much the same as the relationship between me and the Creator.

I said to the angel, 'Why not have the most rowdy and self assured animals from your list being present. By doing that you can guarantee that they will pass on from generation to generation amongst their kind, all that happened and how the Creator of all had come to share a manger with them.'

I stopped and looked for a response. I waited for a response. Then I got my response. 'What a crazy idea', they all said. 'But then it just might work you know, as animals are such a fickle lot'. Phew, I thought, that was close. Fancy them doubting the great GTF's skills of 'people /animal management', but then they hadn't known me until then.

I then left that group of angels discussing with renewed vigour the merits of the animals that they had to choose from and went to see what else was happening.

As I continued on my walk around I could not help but notice the heightened enjoyment that each person/being that I came across was exhibiting. I then knew, with a deep down knowing, that this event was a premium event in the history of the world, and that being the case, then Christmas was definitely a premium event in the life of the Creator. How could it be otherwise.

Now to go back and share with him my findings... In the meantime I trust that you will have a great Christmas experience this year and if I can encourage you, go easy on the eggnog!!!

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