Thursday, April 21, 2011

The love of the Creator in action today.

The other day the Big Boss, and I mean the really big Big Boss called me into his special soothing area of all knowledge where he loves to wander amongst his thoughts and asked me if I would like to comment on what he had and is still doing for the planet that I once called home.

I must admit that I was a bit taken aback over such a request as I am after all just a humble moggie. Well when I say humble, I mean humble enough to be promoted to being the head of the Rainbow Bridge welcoming team. I looked the Boss in the eye, or shall I say where I thought that his eyes should be as you cannot tell with the Boss as all you can see is his cloak of total radiance that shimmers and sparkles in a variety of colours that defy description. I said that yes I would be honoured to apply my limited expertise to such an undertaking and that I would do my utmost to be fair in my summation of what I thought that he was on about.

The big Boss chuckled with a sound that was so comforting and then he lifted me up and placed me on his shoulder and in a sound like a gentle whisper he said that he fully trusted my instincts and that he already knew what I would discover.

I responded to this revelation with what I can only describe as some concern, but that quickly passed for then I accepted that even though the big Boss already knew what I was still yet to discover that here he was, standing with me draped around his shoulders in his special place. Yes, I was in Heaven in more ways than one.

Well, enough of this smoozing said the big Boss as he gently lowered me to the ground. 'Remember', he said, 'I want your honest opinion, and no pulling of punches'. and on that note I found myself alone, sitting under the tree of reflection that towers majestically over the area that we here commonly refer to as the Hill of Contemplation, or more crassly as the 'Triple M Mound' which stands for 'Much More Musing required'.

'So what is it', I thought, that is taking up the priority of the big Boss in relation to my former home planet. I walked up to the tree and began to rub myself against it's sturdy trunk, thinking that that may give me some inspiration. In reality all it gave me was a sore side as I ended up getting slithers of sweet smelling wood caught in my well coffered fur.

Just then the thought hit me like a lightening rod. 'On Good Friday, we who are on Earth, celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Creator's one and only Son whose death on the cross in obedience to God the Fathers demands enabled us to be saved. Then, three days later on the Sunday, which quickly became known as 'Resurrection Day', we rejoice in the magnificent reality that He arose from the grave to claim his rightful place to rule beside the Father'.

So that was it. 'Yes', I said. It was ever so simple in it's layout and execution. It was all of God, and nothing of me. Only he could bring about pure restoration of us to him, as only he was perfect and without fault.

But how do I go back and convey that to him.

'You already have', said that gentle whisper of a voice that I knew came from non other than the big Boss himself. I quickly turned around and before I could take a step towards the radiance, I was whisked up in a pair of mussily arms that held me up against his heart, or at least where his heart should be.

'Thank you', he said, 'I knew it was simple, but for some reason that only my gift of Free Will that I gave to the human race can explain, mankind has found it hard to accept, let alone unreservedly embrace.'

I nodded with a nod that I hoped would end this line of discussion and with that nod I fell into a deep relaxed sleep, only to wake up back in my own mansion cubby. Did something happen, or did I dream it all. No, something had happened for just then as I rolled over onto my back I felt a sharp jab of pain, which on looking at closer was a slither of the bark from the tree of reflection.

Ahh yes, that confirms it, we are so loved by the big Boss Creator that he will not rest until we are all fully restored in a personal relationship with him. Now that is a story worth sharing, I mused.

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