Sunday, July 18, 2010

The great breakfast disaster of 2010

Last year it was the great suitcase disaster, when the assistant went over my tail with the wheels on his large suitcase after returning home from holidays.

This year it was my turn to be helpful to the assistant. I had been planning it for a couple of weeks. It was going to be a great exercise and one that would put me right up there in brownie points.

The idea was to use the July PAT YOUR PET DAY to spring a surprise on the assistant by giving him some breakfast in bed.

The plan was going to schedule when suddenly it all went haywire.

Picture the scene.

I had walked into the bedroom, jumped up on the bed and was just about to deliver my mouthful of Adult Whiskas when I sneezed.

Well, the little pieces of dry food went spraying all over the bed like a sprinkler arc in full force.

I then started coughing and up came a furball of mammoth proportions which flew out, hit the pillow then rolled down and became lodged between the top sheet and the donna.

And then to top things off, as if I could do anything worse, I then left a trail of Breeders Choice Cat Litter over the bed cover, as unbeknown to me, I accidentally wet my tail in the water feature situated on the Balcony.

That happened earlier on in the morning before I had used the litter tray. On doing my number two's my resting tail picked up a load of the recycled paper pallets and it appears that they clung on for dear life and it was only when I started to sneeze that my body shook so violently that the pellets became dislodged and ran amok on the bed cover spread, rolling into every hiding spot available.

That was when I decided that retreat was the better part of valour and I high tailed it out of the room and into my hiding spot where I decided to spend the remainder of the day.

So much for my surprise breakfast for the assistant!!