Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hey everyone it is me, and have I got a story to tell!!

Well, I have just had my personal PDR reviewed by none other than the Creator himself. It was not at all like I was expecting, as sitting beside me with his arm over my shoulder, we went over my life's history. It was incredible to see that in the bigger picture of things, all the little selfish things that I did were used by him to help and encourage others in ways that I could not imagine.

After going through my life and having me come out the other end in one piece, I then felt comfortable inraising the issue of my nine lives, and if it was true, or all just a fairytale to have us think that we were better than the dogs (well most dogs, as I met some fine upstanding specimens through my FB friends who would cause me to put them on the same level as us cats).

The creator informed me that yes I did indeed have nine lives, but not in the way that I thought it would be.

He then took me back on a panoramic journey of my life, very much like looking at a beach where the sand remained pristine and free of any sign of human encounters. Then the Creator pointed out something that I had missed, as along the waters edge were two sets of footprints, one human the other one mine.

The Creator looked at me and said that I might find this hard to understand but that any humans who had read the 'Footprints in the sand' poem, would understand. (

He then read the poem to me and I again gazed at the footsteps, but this time more closer still, and then I saw it. At eight places along the journey there only appeared the footprints of the human. Mine were nowhere to be seen. I turned to the Creator with a question on my lips when he suddenly lifted me up and placed me on his knee.

'GTF' he said, 'At those points along the beach, which represents your life's journey, where only my prints are shown is a time in your life when you died'. 'I died' I exclaimed *rather loudly it appears as some of the multitude of hovering lights seemed to scatter and hide behind others*

'Yes, you died' the Creator said, while all the time stroking my neck and back with his hand, which I noticed for the first time had patches of dried blood on it. 'However' he continued, 'your life was substituted by my Son, as he said that you were special and that he wanted you to share eternity with us, and all the other animals as well'.

I could not believe it. I had died eight times previously. Why did I not know this.

The Creator smiled, tickled me under the cin and continued, 'GTF, like yourself, all animals are special to me. It is just that at one time in history I gave the decree for cats to have nine lives'. 'Why not dogs' I interjected. 'I know some great dogs, and fish and frogs and even a rather uptight stuffed bear'. 'What about them',

The Creator chuckled, and I think smiled inwardly as he pictured the motley lot of FB characters that I was referring to. He then said,' they are all wonderful creatures, especially the bear, as I have expanded his heart to be compassionate and to take over in part the work that you were previously doing with Cat Power and the PAT YOUR PET DAY, site.

As for the 'PJ's.... the good, the bad, the extreme' site well I'm not so sure as you were rather hard on PJ, weren't you.'

I nodded in agreement. 'Well', he continued, ' that may be for others to continue with, as we cannot let the boss of the Big Red Shed get away entirely without some thorns in her flesh, so to speak'.

He had me with that last comment, and so I let it pass.

"Yes', he continued, but in a voice that was like a whisper, ' I so love you GTF, that I now have a special undertaking for you to do on my behalf'. 'Ohh', I instantly pricked up my ears to catch every word that the Creator was about to say. 'I want you to be the voice of conscience in the minds of other animals. I want you, on my direction to speak to them, even as I am speaking to you. I want you to whisper to them just how much that they are loved, and that I have placed them in positions where they can help and influence the humans in whose midst I have placed them'.

WOW, what a responsibility. I nestled even closer to the Creator. 'Of course I will' I replied. I mean, how could I not want to help the one who loved me so much.

The Creator then lifted me off his lap and took me to what appeared to be a golden birdbath filled with sweet smelling fragrance. He then scooped up some of the oil and poured it over my head. He laughed when I sneezed as a bit had gotten up my nose. 'GTF, you will be fine' he said, 'stop grandstanding'.

Then on a signal that he gave that I could not see, all the little lights that had been hovering, came towards me and then as though on instruction they landed on me forming a radiant outer layer that looked and felt so cool. I mean, to me I looked fantastic. I was just like a Christmas tree that had been covered all over with fairy lights, only these lights were so much brighter and did not weigh anything at all.

Continuing, the Creator went on. 'GTF, you are now sealed with my loving protection, as unlike human lights that tend to burn out rather frequently, you will now radiate forever in a new coat that will forever remain spotless and perfect'

I jumped down from the birdbath thingie, and started strutting around, cat, did I look good, even great, even perfect!

'Just one last thing', the Creator said. 'When I want you to communicate, I want you to use the medium of FB to make encouraging comments, and not to poke fun at the people you are speaking to'. I looked at the Creator in mock amazement. 'Don't give me that' he replied. 'You know very well what I mean and let me remind you, I AM CLOSER TO YOU THAN YOU THINK'.

And so that was my personal encounter with the Creator. He has given me a job to do, and with the dedication that I am known for I will apply myself as though I had to consume a barrel of egg nog in one sitting. Now that would be Heaven!!


  1. Just lovely, written in true GTF style. Thanks for the memories my friend and thanks for sharing your life with us.

    love Myron xx

  2. Beautiful! Just beautiful! GTF we do indeed share a wonderful God, and His provision of a caring, wise and sensitive Assistant for you in recent years was one of His most loving acts. We will miss you indeed, but you are in the best hands, as I'm sure you know too well. Di xxx